A Sample of London Night Life

http://www.londonvipclub.com/images/london.jpg A Night out in London offers more than theatre, pubs, and clubs, but an all inclusive list would take a night out just to read it all. Here you’ll get a feel for the Clubs, Pubs, and theatre available in greater London. Other forms of entertainment are plentiful but we’ll stick to clubs, pubs, and dining, and theatre for now.
When it comes to live music, theatre, pubs and clubs, London compares favourably with any city in the world. Whatever your goal for a night out, you can find the perfect venue to achieve it in London. London’s theatre rivals Broadway and some current popular shows include The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, and Spamalot.
Other theatrical productions include a show by The Blue Man Group at the New London Theatre. Reviews of this show include one from the Chicago Tribune, “So much fun it must be experienced to be believed”. Another said, “The Blue Man Group ran around on the stage last night for several hours. No one knows why”. OK… I wrote the second one! For reasons passing understanding The Blue Man Group packs in the crowds, and with the exception of my panning, consistently receive rave reviews. Blue people I find more entertaining are The Smurfs, and the fat kid from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, although he may have been more of a purple.
If you like clubs and can do without dining there are numerous clubs for nearly every musical genre. If you’re a hip-hop fan, Vibe Bar, or Plan B may suit you. Indie Pop fans will like Club Silver at Underworld. Retropop is available at Pump up the Volume at Underworld. Jazz fans will enjoy Ronnie Scott’s, House Music, Techno, Jazz, Swing, and Funk music can all be found along with virtually any other type of music at clubs in London.
Themes or Club Nights are popular in London Clubs, and descriptions can be found online, on the U.K. Clubbing Directory for the hundreds of different themes available in the city on a given night. A good example of a club night is the Notting Hill Arts Club whose club nights include Beachclub, billed as “A Smorgasbord of London Creativity & drunken Scandinavian snow urchins” with cheap beer, mulled wine, pretty ladies, great bands, DJs, art, and meatballs every second Monday of the Month. Other club nights include Disco Death, and Craft Night.
If you’re not into the club scene, but still like a drink or two, London has some 5,000 pubs and bars. If you want to go to the coolest bar in London, try Below Zero and the Absolut Ice Bar London. Of course Absolut Vodka is best served on ice. This place takes it a little farther as the glasses, bar, chairs, walls, ceiling are all made from clear ice from the Torne River in Sweden. The entire place is kept at -5 degrees to keep it from melting. It doesn’t say which scale that temperature is measured in, but it couldn’t make the least bit of difference as it is freezing. Your admission entitles you to the use of a reindeer cape and mittens, forty-five minutes at the bar, and an Absolut drink. The menu is traditional Swedish fare featuring seafood like halibut, prawns, and mussels. If you are looking for the polar opposite of this mega igloo, try Bar Aquarium. The club with a swimming pool.
A traditional English Pub is what visitors look for on their trips to London, but why not visit one with a little history. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese may be London’s oldest Pub… and then again it may not be. Some London Pubs are partial survivors of the last “Great Fire”, and it’s not clear when some were built. This pub; built in 1667 after “The Great Fire II” replaced another pub, but has the original cellar dating back to the 13th century. The Anchor survived the fire, but burned down 10 years later and was rebuilt. The Old Bell Tavern and Ye Olde Waiting are said to have been built to provide masons, and labourers working on St. Paul’s Cathedral during its construction a nearby watering hole.
Many London Pubs are historic for the deeds of their patrons, or were the “scene of the crime” in some cases. Having famous patrons seems to make a pub famous. Places like The Dove in Hammersmith which served literary legends Graham Greene and Ernest Hemmingway. It was a rarity that Ernest Hemmingway passed by a pub without stopping so this claim is far from unusual. The French House was the unofficial headquarters for the French Resistance in WWII and counted Dylan Thomas among its regulars. It is also thought to be the spot where James Thomson wrote “Rule Britannia”.
Some pubs are famous for their famous patrons, and some for their infamous patrons. Magdala is where David Blakely was murdered by Ruth Ellis in 1955. Ellis was the last woman to be executed in Britain. The Blind Beggar was the scene of a fatal shooting in 1967 when Ronnie Kray killed George Cornell after upsetting the Kray twins. There is no shortage of pubs in London that have an historic claim to fame, but with notoriety comes popularity and the good ones get crowded.
If you don’t enjoy pubs or clubs and only want good food you should re-examine your priorities, and after that, there are about 6,000 restaurants in and around London if you don’t have a change of heart about pubs. Start with one of the many Gastro Pubs in case you come to your senses. If not, you can get a great meal at some upscale restaurants in London, and you may spot some celebrities. The Ivy, Yauatcha, Nobu Berkeley, and Sketch are eateries where celebrity sightings are possible, and they have excellent food.
Like the famous Mark Twain quote “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member”, the really good restaurants are the ones you can’t get into, unless you enjoy sitting down to dinner at midnight on a Tuesday. Gordon Ramsay’s at Claridge’s recently completed some renovations. Good luck getting inside to see them. It is the only restaurant in London to achieve three of the coveted Michelin stars, and is considered by some to be one of the top five restaurants in the world. Other London restaurants with Michelin stars are, The Greenhouse, Hakkasan, and Locanda Locatelli.
With a population as diverse as London’s, it’s no surprise that ethnic restaurants saturate the lengthy menu of London dining establishments. British, Caribbean, Mexican, Chinese, and Lebanese restaurants are just a few of the ethnic themed eateries in greater London. Whether your night out in London will have you eating, drinking, or seeing a show, you should have an easy time finding the perfect spot for you.

Kameha Grand Bonn – Hotel for a New Millennium

When the Kameha Grand Bonn hotel opens its doors this fall, it will boast 254 luxurious rooms and suites as a unique counterpoint to the old-world charm and history of its setting in the heart of western Germany’s Rhineland. This palatial glass oasis will feature designs by Dutch native Marcel Wanders, a preeminent figure in styling modern products and interiors with visionary artistry and grandeur.
Bonn is an important setting for the new hotel, along the Rhine riverfront that winds its way through six European countries. The beautiful hills and valleys that spread for miles still contain fortifications and battle scars from the wars of nations and states that fought over this vital trade route from the Roman Empire through the Second World War.
Among Kameha’s most treasured planned amenities, a comprehensive spa and fitness center will include four treatment rooms and two relaxation rooms, a steam bath, two saunas, a heated outdoor pool, and a fitness center with first-class facilities. The complex has a number of conference and event halls as well as a 208-car parking garage, two restaurants, five lounges, and three terraces for special events.
Kameha Grand Bonn vip lounge
Kameha Grand Bonn lobby
Kameha Grand Bonn lobby
Kameha Grand Bonn king suites
Kameha Grand Bonn bar

Hotel Puerta America – The Latest Silken Experience

Occasionally, the talents of several leading figures in architecture combine forces to create a totally unique property that defies logic in a beautiful way. The Silken Hotel Puerta America Madrid (HPAM) is one such property, mobilizing a cluster of great architectural minds like Foster + Partners, Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad, and Jean Nouvel to fashion an extravagant $100 million oasis that must be witnessed to appreciate fully.
Visitors in Madrid are treated to a luxury five-star hotel with twelve unique floors, each designed by one of nineteen legendary firms who added their best efforts and unique styling to make this by far the most unique of the Hoteles Silken chain of Spanish world-class hotels. At one time employing 650 workers in building these magical accommodations, HPAM is an awe-inspiring display of the best design technology money can buy.
The hotel offers guests a selection of 342 stunningly original rooms, including junior and full-size suites. HPAM also features a comprehensive list of amenities and facilities, including a sauna, indoor pool, underground parking deck, restaurant, garden, and business center.

Eiffel Tower Paris France

MTW-DVD-109 – Named after its creator, Gustave Eiffel, the Tour DEiffel has adorned the French capital of Paris for more than a century.It was erected in 1886 in record time and can be seen from almost every square and tiny lane in Paris.
The eye is first drawn to its sturdy steel girders and weight-bearing transverse poles which are held in place by about 2.5 million rivets, an amazing technical achievement of its time.
From the airy heights of the first viewing platform, there is a wonderful multi-directional panorama across Paris.On the higher viewing platforms the air is thinner but the views are increasingly spectacular.The Trocadero, Arc De Triomph, and Sacre Coeur, indeed, the whole of Paris are the distant earthbound stars of this visual experience which towers over one of the mostbeautiful and charming citys in the world. Buy this film on DVD in a collector souvenir case or download. Great for memories of trip taken, educational tool for the classroom, library, and more at TravelVideoStore.com


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